We worked with Girl Effect to create a campaign toolkit that makes it easy for ministries of health in developing countries to plan, create and execute campaigns that educate and empower girls across the globe to go and receive this important vaccine which helps prevent cervical cancer.

The toolkit is designed to be easily adapted to the cultural and implementational needs of all participating countries. Testing told us that certain creative styles resonated differently from country to country, so we developed two distinct art directions, one illustration led and one photography led. These are both contained within an assets suite of downloadable templates, along with a family of detailed guidance documents providing all the necessary info for ministries of health around the globe to deliver super-effective cross channel, girl focused campaigns.

Our campaign seeks to inspire girls, both as individuals and as conscientious members of their communities, to draw upon the strength and fearlessness they all possess in order to overcome the various cultural and mental barriers to receiving the vaccine.

We also devised a mini visual identity for the toolkit itself, with a logo and colour palette to bring all of the guidance documents and folders together in a uniform consistent family of elements.

Check out The Girl Focus Toolkit here, and below is the promotional film we created, all delivered from our various homes in the midst of the first lockdown last year!

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