We were approached by Nike to create the brand for a newly founded professional women’s football club, the first pro club in the UK to not be affiliated with, and supported by an established men’s club.

Our task was to create everything a new football club could possibly need in order to launch, grow it’s fanbase from scratch and then thrive for decades whilst constantly striving for success.

Nike gave their full support to Lionesses after falling in love with their inspirational story of not receiving sufficient support from their former club, Millwall FC, and so deciding to go it alone and form their own, fully independent women’s professional football club. We used this story as a basis from which to build the brand strategy and ethos of the Club. A story of independence, fearlessness, bravery. Of being Self Made.

The club badge we created was an intentional departure from traditional football club crests, and is a mark that not only represented the fierce competitive nature and sporting excellence of everyone at the club, but also the freshness and modernity of this brand new sporting institution they had created.

The home and away jerseys were simple and unfussy, clean and straightforward, which aligned with the no-distractions professionalism of the Lionesses players and staff.

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