We designed another football jersey. Once again, the shirt is in the football-for-good space and sits at the heart of a unique campaign in support of an amazing cause.

This time we partnered with football charity and the world’s only non-profit football product manufacturer, Alive and Kicking to create the shirt for the organisation’s ‘fictitious’ football team, and awareness-generation weapon, AKFC.

AKFC was created for the purpose of promoting the charity in innovative ways, the latest being via a partnership with EA Sports and their global gaming phenomenon, FIFA 21.

Gamers were able to unlock the shirt by taking on the Africa 11 Challenge in the Squad Builder Challenge mode in FIFA, and creating a squad made up of the best players from the African continent.

But this isn’t just a digital football jersey. Designed by HBM! and manufactured by legendary Danish sportswear brand, Hummel, a limited run of 300 shirts were produced.

Lovers of football apparel can get their hands on one from the HBM-designed and built Alive and Kicking website, with all proceeds going directly to the charity.

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