We were awarded the runner’s up spot in TFL's prestigious annual Diversity in Advertising competition for this, brand identity design and campaign creative for Grassroots for Good platform and network for non professional football clubs to help raise awareness among the general public around all of the amazing things that are happening within the grassroots football scene.

It’s a little known fact that there are many clubs within the lower echelons of football across London and beyond, who exist not only to get people playing football (and all of the good that comes with that) but who also align themselves with good causes and do incredible work within their communities and our wider society.

The out of home campaign ran at sites across the TFL network, announcing Grassroots for Good as an entity and in doing so, shine a spotlight on these wonderful clubs and all the people that make grassroots football what it is.

The grassroots football scene is a fun, vibrant and inclusive world to be a part of. Keep an eye out in the coming months for our campaign and discover how to get behind the team that's improving lives in your area.

See Big FC for more on our work in grassroots football.

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