Protecting forests and planting trees is a brilliant way to fight the climate crisis. This is Brynk's raison d'etre - to make it simple for businesses and individuals to get as many trees into the ground as possible, all around the globe. And in doing so, they also provide a pathway out of poverty for vulnerable communities.

We helped develop their brand and their website and we implore all of you to sign up and get Brynk to start planting trees on your behalf.

Brynk’s reforestation projects are aiding some of the most damaged ecosystems in the world. Working with local communities, Brynk is restoring vast areas of formerly nature rich, but now deforested areas in Madagascar, Kenya, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mozambique and Nepal.

As well as absorbing CO2 emissions, restoring ecosystems and improving biodiversity, Brynk’s tree planting projects help improve livelihoods through fair wages and sustainable income.

Brynk have only been operating for around 6 months, but have already planted nearly half a million trees on behalf of ourselves and other members of their planet-protecting tribe, made up of businesses and individuals alike. But this only the very beginning for Brynk, as they look to scale this output exponentially over the coming months and years.

HeyBigMan! are committed to reducing our impact on the planet in every way possible, and Brynk is helping us achieve this with its amazing global tree planting scheme.

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